How to repair a relationship


I talked about ways to improve a relationship before, but sometimes you need to discover how to repair a relationship – things have gotten to the point in your relationship where it’s not a case of ‘tweaking’ things to improve a relationship, but rather the relationship is broken.

I thought we’d look first at the hurdles to overcome before you can actually start to repair a relationship, then we’ll talk about the steps to take to repair it. Make sense? Hope so, let’s crack on……

Creative Foreplay Ideas – 9 Amazing Foreplay Games


9 Amazing Foreplay Games

Creative foreplay ideas don’t just fall from the sky, sometimes we get so used to the routine of our sex life and forget that our sex life are like a fire, and if you wont put in fuel it will die. Foreplay games are one of the best fuels that you can use.

Foreplay games are a great way to pass romantic vacations, they make you laugh a lot and hornier than usual. So i decided to list some creative foreplay ideas that came to my head, its more like the best foreplay games i ever …

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