5 Rules on How to Get a Girlfriend

Do you find yourself waking up in strange beds next to different women over and over, yet feeling unsatisfied? Maybe it’s time for a more steady relationship, but you don’t know how to get a girlfriend. Where do you find that woman to share a special connection with? Don’t listen to those well meaning jerks who say it’s impossible to find someone in a bar or online. It’s been proved that people find their soul mates online, and millions of couples have met in bars. Don’t wait for a friend to introduce you to Miss Perfect. It’s time to get

How to repair a relationship

I talked about ways to improve a relationship before, but sometimes you need to discover how to repair a relationship – things have gotten to the point in your relationship where it’s not a case of ‘tweaking’ things to improve a relationship, but rather the relationship is broken.

I thought we’d look first at the hurdles to overcome before you can actually start to repair a relationship, then we’ll talk about the steps to take to repair it. Make sense? Hope so, let’s crack on……